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How are services rolled out?



START with a BOOKING REQUEST (online)  >>>   FIll out FORMS (online) >>>  INITIAL  ASSESSMENT  

(on Phone)  >>> INITIAL FOUNDATION (In person) appt. to discuss recommendations & the action plan  >>>  TOOLS to get started (online)  >>>  FOLLOW UP every other week (on phone) + track PROGRESS (online)  >>>  PERFORMANCE SUMMARY every 8 weeks (on email)   >>>  FINAL ASSESSMENT (on phone)   >>>   plan COMPLETE.

Posaitive HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Plan is a THREE month package designed for clients who are looking to embrace a healthier way of eating and get STARTED onto a Posaitive Lifestyle or just get rid of the last few pounds stubbornly lurking around.

Delivered over 3 months, the package includes :


  • 8 appointments - 2 initial assessment consultations, 5 follow ups. 1 final assessment.


  • 5 video modules (5 video recordings with 3 emanuals) to assist you with implementing your plan : understanding your Reports, Learning to use your meal & menu plan, simplify grocery and supplement shopping and planning your week ahead. 


  • 4 PDF reports on your initial & final assessments, body compostion, activity & goals


  • 1 email reports summarising your performance and progess (objective goals - weight loss from fat, muscle gain, body fat %) 


  • One or more HEALTH MODULES if need assessed by your blood work.

                  with a request to book a Phone consultation with Bijal after which you will fill out forms (health history, food habits, diet record)​




  • 2 initial appointments are then scheduled for assessment consultations and delivering a plan of action.​



  • An initial 60-minute assessment on PHONE to review your medical history, health parameters (weight, body measurements, body fat%), blood work, food & lifestyle habits, preferences & goals. 



  • A second 90-minute foundation IN-PERSON appointment in which Bijal will provide key recommendations on carbohydrates, fats & proteins, their combinations, portions and a practical approach to plating of meals & snacks from your kitchen using real whole foods.




Based on these consultations, a custom nutrition action-plan including 3 reports, a menu and a 7 day meal plan is prepared to help you implement Bijal's recommendations.  You will be emailed all the tools and techniques you need to get started -  Your action-plan and the video modules designed to help you apply the learnings.




  • 5 PHONE follow-up sessions in total, 20 minutes each -  typically two appointment scheduled for each month of your plan duration, to review your progress, discuss on-going challenges and provide recommendations to overcome road-blocks. ​



  • ONE performance analysis emails to summarise your objective progress – changes to your weight, muscle mass and fat %



  • A final follow-up - 30 minute PHONE appointment to discuss your final assessment and review your overall performance - the results achieved.



HEALTH MODULES: A health module will be additionally incorporated into your weight management package for each 'out of range' health parameter in your blood work done in the past 6 months – sugar profile / lipid profile / thyroid profile / liver profile.  A health module consists of 3 parts - [1] A video module (video recording + e-manual) to provide you with an understanding of your health parameter followed by  [2] a 10-minute phone session to discuss the health parameter and provide support/ recommendations followed with [3]  an email that recaps this discussion.​​

Get Started



$1200 for a 3 MONTH WEIGHT & HEALTH MANAGEMENT PLAN + $100 for each health module

$100 to 125 for each additional month over the initial 3 months

For example -  A 4 month package with 10 appts., 2 email reports and no health modules is @ $1325


Plan duration and health modules are determined by your assessment and health profile. Taxes apply.​ Plan structure and / or fees may be modified to accomodate additional client requests, needs or preferences on an individual basis.

Posaitive WEIGHT MANAGEMENT  Plan has helped clients to -


  • Lose over 15 lbs (based on your BMI)

  • Manage High blood cholesterol levels

  • Manage underactive thyroid

  • Manage high blood sugar (type 2 Diabetes)

  • Manage high blood pressure levels

  • Manage PCOS 

  • Improve health 

  • Gain more energy

  • Minimise cravings 

  • Improve blood sugar leves

  • Learn to make healthier choices

  • Learn to eat in balance and moderation.

But remember ... this plan may NOT be for you if you 


  • Are looking for a crash diet

  • Are looking to lose weight WITHOUT having to move or be active

  • Are looking to lose weight rapidly by cutting out food groups

  • Are looking to follow diet trends that are low fat, low carb etc

  • Are looking to lose weight WITHOUT changing your lifestyle

  • Are looking to lose weight WITH mainly pills or powders

  • Are looking for quick short-term weight loss 

  • Tend to REGULARLY eat out and would like to continue doing that

  • Wish to NOT cook or prep food most (about 90%) of the time.

  • Are NOT looking to learn & commit to a new & healthier routine

  • Are NOT looking to commit 100%  to a meal plan for atleast 60-90 days

  • Are looking for just a meal plan WITHOUT any support or follow up

  • Are looking for a plan with IN-PERSON follow-ups every single week.


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