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Bijal is a Nutrition Consultant and the CEO, founder - owner of Posaitive Life | PELTD, a thriving private practice focused on weight management ​



​Bijal has a unique academic portfolio with MASTER'S degree in Nutrition with specialization in Public health Nutrition from the U.K. and a Bachelor’s degree in MEDICINE (M.B.B.S) from Mumbai, India. 


inspiring people to nourish themselves by learning to make healthier choices and build a posaitive lifestyle"


about bijal thoda | weight loss dietitian Surrey BC

Bijal is a Registered Dietitian and a member of :


  • The College that registers Dietitians in BC


  • Dietitians of Canada.




Nutrition for Weight loss




Degenerative disease management.


  • Dyslipidemia ​​(high cholesterol)

  • Diabetes Type 2 (high sugar)

  • Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid)

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

about bijal thoda | weight loss dietitian Surrey BC



"It is not as much about the weight you lose as it is about the fat that you shed and the muscle you build while losing fat" - Bijal

NUTRITION CONSULTANT | DIETITIAN  Bijal has been involved in health & lifestyle consultations, counseling and education as a health practitioner way back since 1999.


Her experience has enabled her gain a sharp focus on weight loss and empower individuals across the globe (in Canada, UK and India) to achieve their health and weight goals, better manage chronic disorders and optimize their quality of life.


Over the years Bijal has helped an astounding number of clients lose numerous pounds of unwanted fat and keep it off while getting them to gain muscle, better manage their sugar, thyroid and cholesterol levels on their way to optimum health


A healthy lifestyle is easier to embrace and more exciting than you think. An investment in your health is like a long term reward, afterall health is wealth! Find out how she could help you get started on to a Posaitive Lifestyle


        says look for a weight loss plan that would get you to lose fat (not just any weight), build muscle and a plan that would track this process because at the end of the day, an ideal weight loss plan melts fat and tones muscle up and is able to track and document it consistently to back these claims.

More tips? An ideal health plan should not be a struggle with your willpower, leave you hungry and tired or feel like a math game!

Instead it should be sustainable, let you eat your way to health with adequate nourishing food and lifestyle choices (not pills) that fuel your hormones and muscle while burning excess fat.

| MEDIA APPEARANCES | Though Bijal is a more of an introvert and tends to shy away from media, the community has recognised her role in the field of nutrition and she has been featured in various media channels including the Harpreet Singh Show (JOY TV), Omni TV news health segment (OMNI TV), BC Round up (Zee TV Canada), Harjinder Thind show (RED FM), Tajjinder Nijjer Show (Sher-e-Punjab, BCIT broadcast, Darpan magazine and many more..


Bijal believes that you have to be the change you want to see in this world and strives to not just being a role model but also being a resource for authentic and practical information that would encourage the community to think, live and be healthy. 

What better way to share her expertise than a resource page in here rigtht? Dished to our awaiting audience, these nutrition nuggets are packed with food facts, nutrition tips, wellness trends and latest ideas that inspire a Posaitive lifestyle change.

Bijal also blogs about her views on nutrition and tips to lose weight, eat healthy, live optimum and feel fantastic on her very own weight loss blog, facebook, twitter, google etc. Follow her in one easy click and recieve all the latest tips NOW- 


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| COMMUNITY NUTRITIONIST | Being on the health promotion team for a Pregnancy Outreach Program as well for PLSBC,  Bijal has provided consultations, counselling, coaching and workshops to various different population groups to ensure optimum dietary practices.  She has also conducted several workshops, seminars and events for and with numerous community partners to increase the awareness of nutrition & healthy eating within the community. To read more click  resources  | Community events

           currently runs a thriving private practice focused on Nutrition for weight loss & chronic disorders - with a mission to empower individuals with better eating habits, one meal at a time.  To Bijal, Nutrition is really about learning to explore the power of nutrient dense whole foods and make these work out to create a healthier lifestyle.  Bijal believes - Health is a choice... so why not start today? 



Find out how Bijal could help personalize a nutrition plan to get you to your health and Weight loss goals

About ​| Bijal

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