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We are excited to get you STARTED on your health journey and fast track you to your

health & weight goals!



If you are ready for personalized support to take action and REACH your health targets, We would love to get you started!

Initial Sessions

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What we offer | FEATURES

How we Roll | SESSIONS


FIRST SESSION - Initial health & Nutrition ASSESSMENT virtual ZOOM TELE-HEALTH session.

In this appt., Information will be gathered to review your medical history, blood work, health parameters - weight, BMI, body fat%, food & lifestyle habits, preferences & health goals.


Based on this assessment review,

  • You will receive an initial assessment report and a body composition report

  • The Second visit will be sceduled after about 7 days of your first visit.


SECOND & SUBSEQUENT SESSIONS - A series of THREE live 1: 1 Nutrition virtual TELE-HEALTH sessions focused on education & learning of Nutrition fundamentals 


A series of 3 virtual TELE-HEALTH sessions in which Bijal will provide key recommendations or feedback* on 

  • food groups and nutrients - carbohydrates, fats & proteins, their combinations,

  • portions and a practical approach to plating of meals & snacks from your kitchen using real whole foods.


Based on these initial start up sessions you will receive A custom nutrition action-plan including 

  • 7 day meal plan along with 

  • An Activity guide report, all prepared to help you implement Bijal's recommendations. 

  • *feedback* / progress monitoring to learning included only in 6 week jumpstart plan 


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