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Welcome to the video series on  Health Assessment  | BMI



STEP 1 = If you havent already, please log into your inbox and pull up an email with the subject line 'initial assessment report' sent by us. Note your BMI and body fat % numbers.


STEP 2 = undersyand your goals and targets in this video here



























STEP 3 = look up the package details and the meeting agenda emails - and confirm your participation


 if you dont see these emails in your inbox - please text or email us

P.S : Please check your spam / junk / trash folder too and add '' to your contact list)


STEP 4 = Have you already provided us with your blood work reports?

YES? thats perfect! you are all set up now and we look forward to getting you started!


NOT YET? - please either get a copy of all recent blood wotk (upto 1 year) from your doctor's office

and email it to us at the earliest. If you have an e-health account -

simply log in and email us PDF downloads of your blood work

(you may have to use a desktop to download since smart phones

may only let you view your reports but not download these.)


how to assess your current health?
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